A lot of people don’t know but polo t-shirts which are used as daily wear in corporate offices or at the party were actually designed for tennis in 1926. So that player could move faster and feel comfortable and that’s how ladies and gentleman POLO shirt was born!

well, we are past almost a century and still, these shirts are must-have in a gentleman’s wardrobe. So today we’ll be knowing what to wear with what.

Here are the top quality polos with relevant bottoms handpicked for you from amazon

white shirt
image courtesy: amazon

white shirts always add brightness to your face and create a fresh vibe. Its always good to pair them up with khaki joggers like these.


Whether it’s a casual hangout or partying with friends the navy blue Polo never fails to highlight your style statement. Just make sure you buy the best quality like this one below.

navy blue shirt

And for the bottoms, you may wanna experiment a little because it goes with the dark and light color as well. For now, try this trouser out.

Black is the color of luxury don’t leave your polo collection incomplete without black.

remember it doesn’t have to be the exact same way but I’ll go with light color shorts with dark polo Tee. Maybe like This one.

Here comes the last but the best color Striped Polo to pair with dark denim.

and pair it with this denim for the final touch.

voila! You just have the best collections of polo t-shirts and bottoms to pair with now, don’t forget to share this article with your friends to help them with their style game.


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